Symbiotic Creativity

Our Story

The Internet and Spiritual Ecology glued two living systems, Rūta and Malü, back in 2020. Explorers from the opposite sides of the Earth - North: Lithuania and South: Colombia - cook together experiments about the Body, Water, Bacterias, and the Universe looking for the creativity patterns that living systems use.

Rūta Danytė (Lithuania, Ireland) and Malü Duque (Colombia, Argentina) create together under SYMBÉS name that reflects the idea of evolution driven by cooperation and symbiosis.

What we create

Symbiotic Bacterias LIVE

Entertaining educational experience where participants mimic bacterias: experience how it feels to be without a brain, sense through the body and evolve together. A butterfly effect awaits: a process of going from a personal identity to synergy, from chaos to emergence to a whole that is bigger than its parts, mimicking the fundamental behaviour of living systems. What’s the point? When two people evolve together, the system mentality sparks ripple effects towards regenerative future in our human society.


A global online community inspired by the patterns of living systems - synergy - and the values of one-ness.


A song about symbiosis and ocean's intelligence based on a poem by Rūta and music/voice by Malü.

Loving Systems Logging

A collective quantified-self experiment that documents in a real-time how the body responds to a feeling of Love throughout the day when interacting with the environment. Lifelogs shared live on Instagram for 21 days.